Monday, June 20, 2011

Not by might, nor by power…

Today has been beyond incredible.

First off waking up to a beautiful text of encouragement from my best friend, then to have the honor to speak at Seminole State’s board of trustees meeting, then to be recognized as having extraordinary student success by the entire board, not to mention having both my mentors Isa and Mo’ along with a few members from my Seminole State Volunteers team 3 and other teams to be present showing their love and support, these kids have no idea how much it means.

I also picked up my framed fresco, which my parents put up today and looks amazing!

& to top it off, at my internship i was able to truly bond with Joanne, as she walked me through steps on graphic design and tips about illustration, she also loved my “i love you” design and mentioned how it was marketable, which in a way surprised me since it really didn’t take me much time to do, but felt incredible to hear that nevertheless. She also really liked my collage project! and offered me to go to the International Christian Retail Show, which is a huge opportunity to network with people in the crafting industry as well as meeting clients and witnessing first hand how the industry works.

I’m filled with joy with all the blessings God has provided and keeps providing for my family, my friends and I.

I will conclude this with a beauitiful verse:

“Not by might, nor by power, but my spirit” says the Lord

-Zechariah 4:6

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