Friday, November 25, 2011

Making memories that have yet to happen.

I've been a little disconnected lately, caught up having fun you know... what most of us consider the "college experience". Today, just felt a little different, nothing insanely odd yet unlike lately.

I spent the entire day reading about Russian artist and their color theories, abstract ideas of form and such. It was such a contrast to go from that to watching this eye-opening and heart-felt documentary; "The Human Experience" (if you have Netflix, i strongly recommend it) I naturally felt empowered, motivated... not to mention that one of my favorite artists Makoto Fujimora is in it, which was a surprise. I couldn't have watched a more perfect film.

This is what i find odd, this documentary focuses of compassion and experiencing life in the shoes of others. Great message, you know I'm all about integration, humanity, education, and action. However, at the end of this film, i catch myself tearing up (I NEVER cry to movies) and not because of the images, or the true stories i had just watched but because I had a quick image in my head of my dad holding my future child in his arms. I cannot tell you why in the world this went through my head...

I honestly don't know exactly how to react towards this. As i sit here trying to make connections, all I can make sense of is that my father grew up fatherless, he never met his dad. My grandpa died right before my dad was born so there's a paternal void in my father's life, which will never be replaced. Yet, as i had this quick image i can only interpret it as my dad finally fulfilling this role of a grandpaI, I feel as if i'm the one in his shoes in my mid 60's contemplating the stare of an innocent child whose veins hold the same blood I hold.

This emotional experience makes me feel reconnected. I am thankful to have experienced this image, which i now hold close to my heart. I'm already making memories to a moment that has yet to happen. That right there is the human experience, and the power of the mind.

Good night folks.